Saturday, August 29, 2009

A New Obsession….

So, you’ve seen me get obsessed with the BOB, with taking pictures of Little Chomp, and with basically writing a daily catalog of his life.  When I was growing up, I was a dabbler.  I dabbled in soccer, running parallel to the ball but nowhere near it.  I dabbled in piano (making it to the third book twice).  I dabbled in choir-two years and a stint at a very, very random honor choir event.  I dabbled at the performing arts.  Three plays in junior high and one in high school.  Basketball, Volleyball, Softball, Tennis, Saxophone, Photography, ASB, Cheerleading, etc. etc. etc.  In fact, my mom and I now have a joke where I say that I could have been good.  In other words, if I had just stuck to something for more than a season, maybe there would have been some talent would have shown up.  For example, I always say that if my little hometown had had girls soccer instead of co-ed, and if more than 2 of us would have played with the boys in junior high, “I could have been good.”  There were very few things that I was actually committed to.  And, truthfully, only by allowing the decades to pass have I understood what childhood extracurricular activities would withstand “The Dabbler”:    Running (for fun, not for competition), and Reading.   

Well, in the last few days, I’ve decided that I want to write a children’s book for Little Chomp.  Actually, a children’s book for Little Chomp featuring Little Chomp as the main character.  (Aside—if any of you starts writing/publishing a book with a character named Little Chomp I will hunt you down.  Look at the bottom of this page.  It is copywrited!!!! By the way, thanks for reading! :)    So, I’ve been looking up articles on planning and brainstorming story ideas.  Hubby came home early today and watched Baby Chomp, so I went to Barnes N Noble where I skimmed picture book after picture book.  One, I wanted to see if there were any books that I could find easily that had similar ideas to mine.  Two, I wanted to get an idea of what type of book I want his to be.   I came back resolute in who my favorite children’s book writers are and why.    Today, I chatted with my mom, and she agreed to read it after I get a little farther than just ideas floating in my head and notations on my computer.  So, there you go.  Obsession #5045550393.  No, I don’t really know how many obsessions I have had, nor do I know if this will be something that I dabble in for a week or if it will break through “The Dabbler”.  Stay tuned!

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