Saturday, August 29, 2009

I Don't Know How that Giant Black Widow Spider fell in the Pool of Raid....

I opened the blinds today to find this attached to the screen.

Black Widow1

Yep, that's a giant Black Widow.    The most venomous spider in California.  The one that hurts babies like Little Chomp.  After gasping, "where did you come from?"  I jumped into action, searching for anything sturdy enough to kill it and something where it wouldn't matter if it got covered in venom.  After getting the giant push broom, I remembered Raid.  Truthfully, I wasn't sure what spraying Raid was going to do to a giant menace like this spider.  I kind of thought that it wouldn't do anything.  So, I sprayed and sprayed and sprayed.  Guess what?  It didn't die.  It had to fall into a pool of the stuff that collected below the door before it finally gave in.  Now, I'm pretty much a pacifist, and I believe in not disturbing the delicate eco-system, whether in the woods or in the apartment.  However, when faced with a choice:  leave the poisonous spider alone to hopefully kill off smaller icky creatures and possibly find it in Little Chomp's crib the next day versus killing it and sleeping peacefully, I'll admit that I went with eliminating the possible threat to my child.  Yes, I do understand that it's pretty unlikely that the spider would want to come into our apartment when there are fun things to eat outside.  Yes, I do understand that I just put a bunch more poison into my environment by using the Raid, than that spider had in itself.  And, yes, I understand that I just killed a female, which for some reason makes this story a little more sad.  The poor thing just has venom to protect herself.  It's like attacking a woman just because you know that she took self-defense and if she chose to could possibly hurt you.  And, as a woman, and a mother, I feel for her.  But, some things  just have to be done.  Sorry dear spider, you had to go.

Black Widow 3

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