Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fantasy Football 2009

FF Girl

Yep, it's that time of the year again. NFL Fantasy Football. How do you like my FF Avatar?  She’s totally hip right?!?  :) The 11 boys and I virtually gathered together to chat and participate in the on-line draft precisely at 7:15pm this evening. I drafted fifth out of our 12 player league: the Mudbowl.

I did okay. Last year, the boys teased me all season because "I auto-drafted". In other words, the computer picked my team. Hubby and I were camping in Morro Bay for our anniversary during the draft. This year however, I was front and center. Little Chomp was asleep and hubby was on alert to get him if he needed something just in case.

I'll admit that by the time we got to around the 6th round, I had run out of players from my wanted player list, and started scrambling. We'll see how I do against these guys.

Check out my players and tell me what you think.

Fantasy Football
Wish me luck!!!

(I’ll need it, Brandon Marshall is in big trouble with his coach…oops!)

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