Sunday, February 6, 2011

Reasons for the lack in posts...

So now that we've been in the house for 7 months, I finally got the motivation to start organizing. So, that's where I've been hiding.


And Here:
(Thanks to my Aunt Danie and Uncle Tom for the AMAZING hand-me-down rugs! They make our floor so much more cozy to race cars and build duplos.)

And here:

And Here:
I've slowly been going through each closet. While they aren't perfect, they are much better and at least everything fits. 'cause if something didn't, then it got tossed or donated.

And...last but not least, in between Chompy and I sending sickness back and forth to each other, we've been trying to get in some good runs that end like this:

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  1. The "new" rugs look great and fit perfectly! Isn't nice to have relatives that live close?