Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 Improvements…It’s all about being a runner…


So, here are the goals for 2011.  I’m not very good at sticking with something as I have mentioned before on this blog.  However, I have been sewing now for 4 whole months, so that’s something.  But, I also am a runner.  I may not be consistent through the years, but I always feel better, more alive and healthy when I’m running.  This year is about being a runner in all aspects of life:  feeling better, more alive, and healthier!

With Josh going back to grad school, I feel the need to organize our lives in order to leave  the space that we will have for being together and playing together (see…do the dishes while he’s at work/school so that when he’s home, they aren’t waiting for us when we could be having a great conversation).   

I think this comes back to balance and motivation.  But, now that I have three “improvements” (albeit, vague, existential “improvements”) I’m sure that I’ll be able find that place of harmony, right?!  I’m so lucky that I get to work part-time and be home with Chompy most days, but I’ll admit that I get so tempted to play and play and relax with him, and leave any “chores” for another time.   The reality is there is not any other time…so Chompy and I are going to learn how to play more and cook healthy home-made meals;  run fast and jump high, and clean this beautiful home we’ve been given; use crayons, and shop for the fresh food to make our healthy mealsWe will read (board books and SW journal articles).  We will train (play with choo-choos and log in miles and miles).  We will stretch our creativity (play pretend, use play-dough, and sew and write).   We will of course, continue to be good at resting and being as well. Smile  

Ok, I’ll acknowledge that while these statements are pretty, they are not measurable, so what do I really hope to do in order to make my life and therefore my family better, healthier and more alive? 

New Things:

Finish the 1/2 Marathon with a PR.   

Finish the Full Marathon.

Be a better long distance friend.  I SUCK right now, and it’s not okay!  There are friends I dearly love whom I haven’t spoken with in so long that I don’t remember when we had our last conversation. 

Complete 1 University of Phoenix classes (if instructors don’t teach one a year, they lost their credentialing and have to start over). 

Start sticking to the budget…and using coupons and the envelope system to help (even if it hurts).  We have grad school to pay for and the threat of a car that’s about to die. 

Do the chores when the chores need to be done, not wait for it to get so bad that an emergency response team needs to be called in. (ok…I’m not that bad, but I definitely have some kitchen and cleaning-related procrastination issues).

Continue to:

Sew at least once a week.

Stop thinking and just play with my son, husband and friends!

Search for a community of faith that loves our family (and all of our crazy beliefs).  Winking smile 

Do something new as often as possible! Smile   Our Thursday Night friends still have the goal of 1000 new things!  Besides what a better way to feel alive then to expose ourselves to something different and out of our normal routine?!  Not only that, but Chompy has so much fun when he gets to do something new…his curiosity is the best motivation ever! 

Look for ways to be creative and stimulated.  And, place myself around people who make me feel that way as well.

I think that it’s going to be a really,

really great year!

An adventurous, enlivened year! 

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  1. Wow, one impressive list! You definitely have a lot of your mother in you. Those are wonderful goals for you and your fantastic family. Just remember it will be "Heaven in 2011." Pretty cool, I just thought of that. LU Dad