Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thankful Day 9 and 10....

Today I have two to do again because I've been a little busy with working.

Day 9: I'm very thankful for my little CRV. She's such a good little car and is so nice to let me drive her (quickly) up and down the Cajon Pass repeatedly. I'm thankful that although little things keep breaking, she keeps running well. Now, little CRV...please keep going for at least 4 more months. Thanks!

Day 10: I'm thankful for the pretty green grass that is growing in our front yard. And, I'm thankful that we have a front yard. Our yard is starting to look like a place that is cared for and lived in and I love that! Plus, it is soooooo fun to watch Chompy watch Josh mow the lawn.

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