Friday, September 17, 2010

Suggestions for better ways that Meg Whitman could spend her $119 million…

So, yesterday, it was announced that Meg Whitman has now spent $119 million of her own money (apparently she is worth about $1.2 billion per: KFI Bill Handel) to try and become governor of California.  I guess Mayor Bloomberg spent similarly when he ran for Mayor of NY.   Anyways,   since she started spending and spending and spending to become the leader of a state that is in deep financial stress, I keep thinking that there are better ways that she could spend her money that could help the Californians she wants to represent.  

So, without further ado, here is my little list of ways Meg Whitman could spend her money.

Finish some Cal Trans projects like widening the 10/405 interchange, finishing the 10 :) in San Bernardino and for your in Nor-cal—finish widening the 99 on the way to Merced.

Pay for education for a year for the students of multiple California school districts.

Pay for the cost and recovery for the San Bruno Explosion.

Cover the Cost of Station Fire

Give every Californian adult a $5 Starbucks giftcard :)

Pay for every needy Californian who needs an eye exam and glasses or Lens Crafters exams.

Pay for physical exams for the 8.4 million Californians without health insurance

There are 18,000 kids waiting for adoption in California’s foster care system, Meg can pay the fees for those families who adopt. And the next 279,500 kids that need adoption. -

Feed 595,000 Californians for a month as it costs $200 average cost to feed 1 person a month.

Send 1,900,000 families to parenting classes

Provide the start up funds for 4250 farmer’s markets.

<span>Buy Disney Annual Passes for 1:10 California kids.  </span>

Send 464,444 kids to Forest Home Summer Camp

Provide 3 meals a day for a family of 4 for 2,163,636 families…. Or feed 5947 families for a year…through Urban Rescue Mission or insert your favorite shelter here ;)

pay off my mortgage

198,333 couples a night at the Hotel del for Christmas

Give 2, 380,000 the HTC Aria--I love my phone. (Amazon prices, not ATT prices)

Feel free to add your own suggestions to this list.  Imagine the amazing things that could be done just in California with $119 million.


  1. Hey, how did the Disney Passes get in there?

  2. Because I know how much they cost :) And, it'd be really nice of her :) I know Chompy would appreciate it :)