Sunday, August 22, 2010

First Sewing Attempt…

So, I at least figured out how to turn on the machine, use a rotary tool,  and make a line :)  After making a trip to JoAnn’s for a few cutting supplies (didn’t have any sewing equipment), I got to work.  Josh was nice enough to give me a corner in his office to use.  I guess we may have to re-name the office, the “hobby room” and get a couch ASAP to give us some more space.


These are the 1 layer napkins that we had to do for our first assignment.  The lesson was to grasp how to make a line and straight edges---both I still need to practice but, I at least got cute napkins :)   Many of you should probably ignore any projects you may see on here…I sense a home-made Christmas coming for 2010 ;)


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  1. So nice that you and your Josh share the "office" for more fun projects like sewing!