Saturday, April 10, 2010

A little talk about Protein…

So, I still don’t claim to know much about this whole thing, however, I know that one of the important aspects of breastfeeding is making sure that I get enough protein so that Little Chompy gets enough protein to grow big and smart and strong. 

So, in the last two weeks I’ve tried to make an effort to eat food with a lot of protein during the “veggie-xperiment” as I’m calling it.   The nice thing about the research is that I found out that I love food with protein in it naturally.  I always thought that I was a carb girl because I loved the grains/breads a lot.  However, these also have a high protein content.  Interesting :) 

Vegetarian Protein:

Avocado (1 cup)-4 grams   Bagel 1 whole-9 grams  Banana ( 1 whole)-1.22 grams

Black Beans (1 cup)- 15 grams  Blackberries (1 cup)- 1 gram   Broccoli (1 cup)-4 grams

Cheddar Cheese 1 ounce- 7 grams   Cottage Cheese (1 cup)-31 grams

Hard Boiled Egg (1 whole)- 6 grams   Mushrooms (156 grams)- 3 grams

Oatmeal (1 cup)-6 grams   Peach (1 whole)-1 gram   Pistachios (1/4 cup)- 6 grams

Potato (1 whole) -4 grams  Refried Beans (100 grams)- 13 grams Spinach (1 cup)-5 grams

Soybeans (1 cup)-29 grams  Soymilk (1 cup)- 7 grams   Strawberries (1 cup)-1 gram

Tofu (4 ounces)- 9 grams  Whole Wheat Pasta (1 cup)- 9 grams 

Whole Wheat Bread (1 slice) -4 grams   Yogurt 1 cup - 13 grams

Meat Protein Examples: (based on 100grams/ .2 of a lb) (smaller than a burger)

Beef 25 grams  Chicken 26 grams  Pork chops 28 grams  Turkey 28 grams

Venison 34 grams

Fish Protein Examples: (based on100 grams/.2 of a lb)

Cod: 22grams  Lobster 27 grams  Salmon 20 grams   Steamed Halibut 18 grams

Trout 27 grams  Tuna 26 grams

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