Sunday, November 8, 2009

Andre Agassi…


Ok…it is no secret that I heart Andre Agassi!  I mean, he’s been my favorite since 1992 when I was in eighth grade and saw him play at Wimbledon.   I immediately started collecting Andre items.  I taped his matches on VHS.  I kept all newspaper clipping about him.  I had a framed picture of him which was one of my all-time favorite Christmas gifts.  I had a life-size cut-out of his ad for Canon.  My step-mom put a picture of him playing tennis and a picture of me running cross country into a little frame with two hearts.  One of the only times I’ve ever been mad at my sister was because she (at age 5) and her friend ripped one of my posters of him.  My friends got him to autograph a UCLA folder for me when he came to UCLA to practice with the tennis team, and I wasn’t able to see him.  I watched him with mullet, without mullet.  With chest hair, without chest hair ;)  As the #1 player in the world, as the #134 player in the world. With Coach Nick, with Coach Brad.  With Brooke, with Steffi.  I bought a book that his sister, a child psychiatrist, wrote to use with my clients, not because it was an amazing book, but because she wrote it and it donated money towards the school that he started.  

Anyway, I’m very excited to read his book because even though I was just a little fan from Murphys, Ca, I knew that something was wrong in 1997.  And, now that I know what it was, it all makes sense.   

Don’t worry Andre,  Roger Federer may not like you anymore, but who cares about him anyway—I’m still a fan!!!!! 

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