Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fun with Chompy and Writing…

A couple of months ago I came upon this website:  Trekaroo.    (Image Source:


This site is incredible! 

Parents provide reviews and suggestions on activities, locations, lodging places etc. that other parents can refer to when planning trips or looking for fun things to do with their kiddos.

Since I’m trying to always be creative in what I do with Chompy, this is right up my alley!  I love looking through great, fun, safe options for Chompy.  I also really enjoy writing reviews and hopefully helping other parents through Chompy and my adventures! 


Check out some of my reviews by searching for MommasMosaic on the website or just look around for cool things to do! 

Maybe you’ll find a new adventure! 

The Big Sewing Project….

So, it was delivered to Lissa today, and therefore, I can post the pictures of my biggest project yet!!! 

I love how it turned out and hopefully she likes it too!  She picked out the best, swirly, fabric ever!

I think it looks pretty good in her beach-y, mountain-y, outdoorsy, beautiful sister’s room!